Blind Prophet is the story of a blind, autistic savant, who undergoes an experimental procedure, which gives him the ability to peer into the spirit realm, where angels and demons vie for human souls.  Episode 1, A Prophet Is Born, the origin story of our unlikely hero, begins as defects are found in the womb and ending with the advent of his powers.  In Episode 2, Spiritual Warfare, our hero learns more about his newfound power, and in Episode 3, The Prophet Goes To Washington, finds that all is not well for the United States, in the spiritual realm.

A total of seven episodes are currently planned:

A Prophet Is Born

Spiritual Warfare

The Prophet Goes To Washington

The Great Demon of Pride

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Martial Law

The Better Angels Of Our Nature

The comic book is published by Infornuity Publishing, LLC, authored by Joseph Cillo Jr., and illustrated by Gabriel Santiago.  The comic book is planned to be available only through the website, and directly at Comic Cons. An EBook version is available on  The EBook will be made available via a "Name Your Own Price" model, so price should be no impediment for acquiring a copy of the material and enjoying it on your electronic device or PC.  A graphic novel, including content from Episodes 1-4, is also in the planning stage.

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