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The perfect gift for that bah-humbug in your life...

So, what is it about?

Merry Friggin' Christmas: An Edgy Christmas Comedy is the story of Carlton St. Michael, an up-and-coming atheist stand-up comic on the verge of fame and fortune.  The only problem is, he's dead.  Twice Dead, actually.  In New Jersey of all places.

And, his life story has become the most popular show on the Undying Rerun Network (URN).  

But Carlton is an atheist and sticking to it.  He's out to prove the whole thing is a near-death hallucination that will either fade to black when he really dies, or vanish when he awakes.   

Merry Friggin' Christmas is written for adults and not appropriate for children.

Merry Friggin' Christmas: an edgy Christmas Comedy, 

a novel by Joseph Cillo Jr.

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