If you liked the artwork in Blind Prophet: Episode 1: A Prophet Is Born, you'll really love the artwork in Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare!  If you buy the print version, there is a great crossover, two-page layout right in the middle of the comic book!

So, you liked the artwork?

Here's a page from Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare...

So how about that artwork?

Our illustrator, Gabriel Santiago handled all the artwork. but the story started with a screenplay by Joseph Cillo, Jr., which he edited for the graphic novel, producing an initial cut of the page layout in a PowerPoint document.  The panels in the document were laid out as rectangles and the notes in the document included direction for how the scenes would be laid out, with descriptions, dialogue, and sound effects.

From there, Gabriel produced pencil sketches, which he then scanned into a his computer, and did the rest of the work in Photoshop.  Gabriel's instruction on the layout of the panels was that the material should fit on the page, and the layout is just a suggestion of one way that it might be made to fit.  The direction for vision panels was that the visions should not be contained in rectangles, should bleed off the page, and should come out in the third dimension.   

Laying out the pages this way had the added benefit of making each page carry a theme, and tell a little story.  There may be one case in episode one where a scene changes within the page, but for the most part, every page is a little story.  In fact, in the power point script, each page had a title.