So how about that Story?

The Author, Joseph Cillo, Jr. had just been laid off as the result of a corporate merger, and was given two months notice, during which time he was told not to come into the office unless called.  He was never called.  So, he had some time to read the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, which is all about demons plotting to capture a man's soul.

During his two month respite from the rigors of corporate life, our author completed one screenplay he was working on, Carlton St. Michael In The Afterlife, and two more, When The Wood Is Dry and Blind Prophet.   

Blind Prophet is a bit of a writing exercise in creating the largest character arc possible.  In this case, a child born with birth defects, rejected by his father before he was even born, gaining a superhero like power.  Written originally as a screenplay, the concept was inspired by over-the-top comic book stories, and was always intended to be viewed as a comic book story.  The transition from film script to comic book was very natural, and in fact, the film would be much harder to make!

The story in Episode 1, however, is more of a traditional drama that has a sci-fi/ fantasy twist at the end.  The choice to tell the story chronological, rather than to start with the big comic book drama then go back to tell the origin allows for the story to build.  There are parallels in this technique with Stephen King's, The Dead Zone, which very much starts slowly as a drama and builds to become a high-stakes plot.  The Dead Zone, however, stuck with science fiction rather than having a religious basis for the prophecies, and Daniel's visions in Blind Prophet are more properly interpreted as incite into the demons' plans, rather than visions of the future. But, fans of the Dead Zone will appreciate the comparison, though the stories are very different.

Here's a page from Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare...

If you liked the story in Blind Prophet: Episode 1: A Prophet Is Born, especially if you loved the ending, you'll really love the way the story builds in Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare!  Diana, the mother of Daniel, takes charge and leads Daniel out of the hospital.  Passing a Church on the way home, they stop in and a new friend begins to explain Daniel's visions.

So, you liked the Story?